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D Pearce Constructions is an award winning family based business with over 20 years experience in the construction industry. As residential building professionals we are committed to offering our valued clients a comprehensive design and construction consultation service.


From the initial design and planning of your new home to the final days of construction the team at D Pearce Constructions will communicate with you and ensure your design and construction expectations are delivered. Our design team specialises in providing a personalised service for you to ensure a quality outcome for your new home.

We believe in a collaborative design and building methodology and our aim is to listen to our clients. Working together as a design team allows our clients to stay informed along the entire course of the design and construction process.



The design and planning of your new home is without a doubt the most integral part of your building journey. A good point to consider is that it costs the same amount of money to build a wall in the wrong spot as it does the right spot. Design does matter and good design principles do not cost more.


Take for consideration your existing home and consider the aspects you love and enjoy every day, at some point a design methodology was applied and an outcome ensued. Design makes a difference to how we live, feel and view the home that we live in. Design not only adds value to our lifestyle but also to our real estate. For most of us the home we build represents the biggest financial investment of our lives, it pays to get it right. 


Our design process begins with an initial meeting with Duayne and our designer to determine your Design Brief. It then progresses through to the stages of Design, Documentation and Construction.


If you would like to receive more information about our Design and Construct service, including a detailed Design Brief Questionnaire, contact Camille at admin@dpearceconstructions.com.au