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This was another challenging home as the site fell away significantly from the street. The designer did a great job of positioning large floor to ceiling windows and doors to capture views of the Brisbane CBD to the north west. The house has four different floor levels to follow the natural contours of the land and ensure that the maximum height restrictions were not breached. The roof design on this project is a single slope from front to rear and was constructed from rafters rather than roof trusses. This enabled us to create ceilings up to 3.6 metres high to the top living areas which have been square set and give a very clean open feel to the area. A cantilevered floating timber box section above the front entry looks to be seemingly supported by thin timber screening, this created a challenge during construction. This home features a lot of natural finished timber and stone features.

"Duayne and his team built our new house for us in 2012. Not only did they deliver the project on time and on budget, the quality of the finishes are second to none. Duayne’s professionalism and reliability also extends to his subcontractors which makes the role of an owner so seamless. They were all a pleasure to work with. Building a house does not need to be the most stressful thing you will do in your lifetime – if your builder is clear in his communication with you then the rest is easy. If you can start your project not having met your builder before and end it as good mates then something’s got to be right!"

Carl and Lindi

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