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D Pearce Constructions is an award winning family based business with over 20 years experience in the construction industry. As residential building professionals we are committed to offering our valued clients a comprehensive design and construction consultation service.


From the initial design and planning of your new home to the final days of construction the team at D Pearce Constructions will communicate with you and ensure your design and construction expectations are delivered. 

We believe in a collaborative methodology and our aim is to listen to our clients and their needs. The pre-construction process is perhaps the most important phase of the construction process. 


One of the main reasons homeowners get upset that their project is unattainable is because they've fallen in love with a design that can not be built for their set budget. We strongly encourage homeowners to contact us prior to seeking design so we can assist you in the right direction and move you one step closer to your dream home.



The design and planning of your new home is without a doubt a most integral part of your building journey. A good point to consider is that it costs the same amount of money to build a wall in the wrong spot as it does the right spot. Design does matter and good design principles do not cost more. This wall can change dramatically if you a select a different material, however.


You approach a designer or architect because they are experts and can turn your dreams in to a reality. However, designers and architects are not trained to understand building costs whereas builders are. Often the builder are the bearers of bad news when it comes to telling homeowners that their design can not be built for their budget, why? Because a building professional was not on board from the beginning to guide this process.


At D Pearce Constructions, we work collaboratively with the design team from the very beginning and have been doing so successfully for many years now. The outcome of this process is the delivery of an on-budget project, no costly surprises and the homeowner gets the home they wanted from the beginning of design stage. 

To learn more about the PAC process, get in touch with us:

Camille Pearce

Project Manager

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