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The client approached dion seminara architecture with issues of darkness in the kitchen and a lack of view to the pool area. To combat these problems, dion seminara architecture added a skylight in the kitchen area and removed an internal wall which opened up the internal living spaces and made the whole area much brighter. Some large doors were added to connect the outdoor area with the kitchen and allowing a view line to open up to the pool area. 


As the basis of the design was to improve the climatic aspects of the home, the issue of the harsh sun that came through the terrace area was tackled by the design of a creative roof line which opened up an opportunity for softer light and beautiful summer breezes. 


This new outdoor area was designed to be split up into two areas, a lounging area and a dining area with a barbeque connection. As the existing home was a post-project home, the styling for the outdoor area was to be contemporary to tie in with the rest of the house. The interesting roof line with the charcoal roof sheeting was streamlined at the back to add contemporary lines to the new structure. 


The beautiful cedar wood ceiling adds warmth to the area, and softens the overwhelming nature of the volume of the high ceiling. Cedar wood also contrasts with the hard materials that were used in order to add an acoustic absorption quality. The result of this styling is an exceptionally warm and inviting outdoor entertainment space.

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