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"The Nunnery"

From a chance meeting in a local shopping centre carpark, to an impromptu site visit and then on to creating this spectacular home for one of the most amazing clients we have been blessed to build for.

Our projects start with a dream and with the design process involving Aaron from Green Coast Building Design it then comes to life.  The home was originally going to be demolished and replaced with a standard off the plan build.  The client was quick to understand with the guidance of Duayne that this historic home on the Redcliffe waterfront could be bought back to life and a new modern extension to create a master bedroom suite that overlooked the bay could be achieved with a similar budget in mind.

The original internal and external linings of the home were carefully restored by our skilled carpenters to be repurposed in their original form and we can tell the house is sending out vibes of gratitude for this!  The extension to the second level and rear of the home was carefully planned with the owner's lifestyle the only factor to be considered.  This is not a house, it's a home.  A home to be loved and enjoyed by the owner and their family.  It's also a home that the community of Redcliffe can admire and know that it will stand the test of time and be around for another 100 years.

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