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The bitterness of poor quality remains...

...Long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

There is no such thing as 'apples for apples' in the custom home market. We have to deal with this on a daily basis and have had the same situation as detailed in this Electronic Living article several times. This is why it’s so important to pay a small fee up front to your builder and consultants to provide a thorough review of your plans and project. In doing so, you are paying for time and detail and know that you will receive a true final figure in the end.

The team from Electronic Living posted this and it is something we can relate to.

"Today we received feedback from a recent client of ours who had regrettably proceeded with another Home Automation company who offered a cheaper solution in an attempt to save money. This resulted in a bad experience by the client who then came back to us and humbly asked for our intervention...". Read full article here.

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