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Why should I pay for a quote?

This is something that comes up in conversation regularly and can often be a crunchy subject. For many of those who have built with D Pearce Constructions, you would already be aware that we charge a modest fee for a thorough quote, not an estimate. When done properly and depending on the scope of the project, builders can spend up to 40 hours quoting one job. This time includes take-off, obtaining true quotes from numerous sub-contractors and suppliers to find the best value supply, and then formatting the quote in to a document. To avoid nasty surprises and to get a relevant and realistic assessment of your project, you want the builder to invest time, energy and effort in preparing your quote. Paying for this process improves the outcome overall and helps provide you with meaningful information to move your project forward. This interview with our client Vanessa gives you a really good understanding of how a small outlay at the beginning can save you tens of thousands of dollars worth of variations and other expenses during the project. We'd like to say a big thank you to Vanessa for providing this valuable feedback to us.

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